Competency Management System


Competency Management is the process of defining individual level competencies linked to specific jobs, and aligning the competencies of the workforce with these requirements. Competency-based personnel management systems are focused on identifying the competencies needed for effective performance and on developing those competencies in the workforce.

The future success of any organization depends on how effectively the organization adjusts to challenges, such as decreases in performance, strategic shifts, competitive pressure, or socio-political changes. An organizational ability to adjust to new challenges is defined by the flexibility of its capabilities, the actual structure, the processes, the quality and motivation of its people and the openness of its culture .All of this aspects are highly bounded to the framework of Competency management and Performance management; which became a crucial approaches for advancement in any leading & competitive organization worldwide.


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Each employee can start self-assessment through the CMS ;by putting rate for each competency and behavior indicator ,Also he can add reasons for his rating and real situations of his performance .

Managers are equipped with a tool to revise the assessment of their subordinates and put their comments and approvals

Each employee can put a plan for his career interests and in cooperation with his managers; he can get oriented with Competencies needed and how he can acquire.

This portal will be equipped with many development resources for each competency and for each position .It gives all the employees an open access for self-development through readable and visual resources


Help organizations ‘raise the bar’ of performance expectations.
Help teams and individuals align their behaviors with key organizational strategy.
Empower employees in career decision making and planning.
Clarify career portfolio options & positioning each employee in his best job
Develop a more competent and flexible workforce that can adapt more readily to changing market conditions.
Build long-term organizational strength.
Help to translate business strategy into behavioral requirements for team and individual performance

HR Processes

Competencies clarify what is expected from the individuals. Worker performance is evaluated against competency requirements as well as objectives. The appraisal system focuses on specific behavior, offering a roadmap for recognition, reward and possible advancement.

Competencies are used in order to evaluate the current and future organizational and individual competency needs. A gap analysis can reveal the chasm between the competencies that individual employees or groups or even the organization should have and contribute to the workforce development plans.

Competencies are used to create the personal career plans of the employees. The latter can review the needed competencies of all the positions and through comparison with the competencies they possess they can identify potential positions and develop their career path.

Organizations assess potential replacements for key positions based on competency requirements. The competencies needed for each leadership position are identified and are then used to identify and rank employees with high potential for succeeding in each position. Finally, employees are developed to ensure that they are prepared to assume each critical leadership position in the event that it becomes vacant.

Competency gap analysis becomes the learning needs assessment. A personal development plan is created for each employee listing the specific competencies the employee needs to develop for improved performance. The objectives of all learning activities (workshops, courses…) are based on the development of specific competencies.

In a competency based selection process, the required competencies identified for the vacant position are used as the selection criteria. Selection instruments are based on these competencies. The candidates for a position are evaluated on each required competency.