Key Account Management


KAM (Key Account Management) concept had been raised in the last decade; where certain business are dependent by a high percent of their revenues on Account Business.

Pharmaceutical companies in particular are considered one of the most dependent businesses on Account management; where dealing with Hospitals gains a high proportion of Sales & Marketing efforts ;especially after the nurturing of reimbursement & medical insurance.

SYNCHRON KAM module presents a simple and straight forward interface to manage pharmaceutical key accounts (Hospitals), which helps in monitoring potentials, contacts, notes, activities and products categorized by account. Also it supports hospital and institutional sales with powerful tools such as account, department and contact profiling and history.

Additional features relevant to hospital sales teams include, account sales, account goal setting and action plans, formulary tracking, protocol tracking, organization and individual affiliations, call planning and scheduling, expense tracking and group calls.

SYNCHRON KAM software allows administrators, managers, and sales and marketing personals to manage a variety of accounts related to performances, customers, competitors ,products, marketing/sales strategies, and company in the most professional manner.

This aids in visualizing opportunities for deals that may otherwise be hard to identify. It is easy to focus on businesses specifically and assess their position with regards to closing deals. So, it would suffice to say that with SYNCHRON CRM you are certain to raise your revenue.


Your sales force can use SYNCHRON KAM to track information about each opportunity, such as the contact information, the stage of the opportunity, the salesperson who is actively working in it and an assessment on the likelihood of closing, and a projected closing date.

Opportunities can be linked with competitor information and analyzed to identify the most effective selling strategies.

Profiling & segmenting customers is a core essential step in any Customer Relationship Management plan or even in a basic marketing plan ;where customer is considered the core of the modern business model.

Planning for an unknown is considered a disaster in any business approaches ;where the competition between companies nowadays is a competition in knowledge.

SYNCHRON KAM is solving this problems by a high sorting & data profiling capabilities; where an integrated data of key customer in each account is clearly managed & easily pulled according to the need of the Sales force & Management as well.  

SYNCHRON CRM for account management is having a very special feature of planning & task management calendar; where a monthly & daily plans is prepared with an advanced Drag-and-Drop style giving the ability in instant arrangements & corrections, whereas flexibility in updating the plan & managing contingencies can be easily done.  

In any key account, especially Hospitals each and every department is having its own special nature, priorities & organizational shape. Sales force has to deeply analyze each department and set a special and specific plan.

SYNCHRON KAM helps each account Med Rep and its management to set special plans for each department in any account; where nature account; key persons, timing & prescription habits are considered through automation & data profiling

Any successful business Rep is concerned with competitive intelligence ;where sales alone hasn't been the only parameter for success ;but Market share is considered a strategic parameter ;it shows much the potentiality of any market or Account.

Account inventory whether in account stores or account pharmacies are considered a clear vision & reflection of how a product or its competitors are performing in that account.

SYNCHRON KAM helps account executives to track inventory of their products & their competitors day by day in an automated way so that plans can be set ,amended or re-organized in a way to fulfill the strategic & short-term objectives of any account team. 

SYNCHRON KAM helps companies improve the building of relationships with key persons in the account; including medical & non-medical customers.

With SYNCHRON KAM, pharmaceutical reps can better coordinate, communicate and leverage relationships & they can benefit from data resources got by other colleagues worked or still working in that account.

Account are always connected with special projects, where each key account is having its special features & situations. Putting a well-planned strategy for each project is an essential core for account management success.

SYNCHRON KAM helps the sales force to plan for special account projects ;which is having clear objectives and helps in tracking the project advancement on a step-by –step wise under definite time plan.

Hospitals are deferent in their structure, different in their type of patients & also different in the medications they got in their stores. A company may have a main competitor in such account, but is having competition another in another account.

Only successful Pharmaceutical Companies got an advanced care about competitive intelligence; which is considered a very hot issue in putting any successful strategies in their marketing & sales plans.

SYNCHRON KAM gives the sales force & their management a clear view about competitors, their moves & their sales growth and also report any new entry for new competitor; which may cause a threat.

This gives a new vision about the account; where new strategies can be prepared to cope with different competitive situation in this dynamic market. 

Working in account business (as hospitals) is quite different from normal clinic visits ;account work has much broader workflow & in the same time a defined framework.

SYNCHRON KAM helps in regulating the accounts’ activity management ; by providing the sales force & their management with a complete view about each account & segmenting activities according to type of customer & different account department.

It also regulate every step in any account project planned & compare each step according to the defined plan ;so that it can monitor deviations ;to be corrected instantly. 

Investing in account business is useless without a clear ROI (Return on Investment) calculations .With SYNCHRON KAM you can calculate the total amount of investment poured for certain account or department and comparing this totals with the outcomes from sales reports.

SYNCHRON SFA can estimate & measure your investments & know exactly if they were on the right direction or deviated; so that any resource reallocation & corrective actions can be easily managed.

Benefits to User Groups

Key Account Managers

1.Key Account Managers can easily record and access information on their accounts and use this data within SYNCHRON KAM to implement their account plans.
2.Using SYNCHRON CRM, Key Account Managers can view sales, market and activity data to analyze specific key accounts and where necessary adjust their actions accordingly.
3.The Key Account Managers, using SYNCHRON CRM, are able to gain insights into the clients via a networking tool that allows members of the organization to record formal and informal networks.
4.Key Account Managers can take full advantage of some of the new marketing strategies that are enabled by web-based applications.
5.SYNCHRON KAM allows Key Account Managers to identify key actions that need to be achieved in order to result in commercial success.
6.Tailor sales methodologies & special projects to meet your business needs.
7.Track all accounts and related contacts, opportunities and other details from a common repository.
8.Analyze the buying patterns of a customers and set up loyalty programs.
9.Track purchase history of the customers and analyze opportunities in future.
10. SYNCHRON KAM allows you to co-ordinate a key account plan enabling them to orchestrate and allocate company resources as efficiently as possible.

Sales & Marketing Management.

1.SYNCHRON KAM allows sales managers to be actively involved as part of the Key Account team.
2.SYNCHRON KAM provides managers with the ability to manage and co-ordinate multiple resources in areas of greatest commercial return.
3.Sales Managers are able to provide coaching, counseling and support to the Key Account Manager on the right areas 4.Managers are able to co-ordinate progress with a high number of open and active account plans.
5.Track and manage multiple opportunities through reporting. View opportunities by team, product or geography in charts and then drill down to understand how the opportunity is progressing.
6.Roll-up and analyze opportunities from across your organization to understand how different units are performing and what improvements can be made.

 Medical Rep.

1.Representatives can easily record and access information on their clients in each account and use this data within SYNCHRON KAM to successfully plan and carry out their daily activities.
2.Allows Med Reps to close deals faster by sharing consistent sales information, tracking deal progress, and recording deal-related interactions.
3.Using our applications, representatives can view their own sales, market and activity data in real time and where necessary adjust their actions accordingly.
4.The representatives, using our applications, are able to gain insights into the clients from the information gathered from other members of the organization about each account.
5.Increase sales productivity through standardized sales processes.
6.Ensure effective opportunity handling through collaboration and workflow.
7.Using SYNCHRON KAM, your account teams become focused on the overall opportunity, the relationships and resources required to strategically expand the account.

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Reports & Analysis

The SYNCHRON KAM Query Tool is a simple and intuitive aid which allows users to quickly and easily create their own queries and simple reports. A point-and-click browser-based interface allows non-technical users to retrieve, format and display their own custom reports without outside technical assistance.

1.Classifications reports

2.Stores & Pharmacies Report

3.visits report

4.Sales Report

5.ROI Calculator

6.Services Reports

7.Projects reports (Time-line)

8.Doctors’s reports

9.Departments reports

10. Competitive intelligence

11. Key persons reports

Data security

One of the primary functions of CRM software is to collect information about customers. When gathering data as part of a CRM solution, a company must consider the desire for customer privacy and data security, as well as the legislative and cultural norms. 

SYNCHRON CRM assurances that archived data will not be shared with Any third parties without their prior consent and that safeguards are in place to prevent illegal access by third parties.

SYNCHRON CRM is a safe data sorting software; where safety & confidentiality of data is highly preserved from any hacking or even from being abused by any user except for his permitted features. Financial records & high management reports is completely preserved under a high technology of security in the IT industry.


System Requirements
SYNCHRON SFA is an open, Java-compliant solution with components installed on clients, a middle tier and an application server tier.
Client applications
Supported platforms
Windows 2000, Service Pack 3 or later
Windows XP, Service Pack 2 or later
Windows Vista
Required products
Internet Explorer
Hardware and memory requirements
Intel or compatible processor
The minimum memory recommended for the application is 2GB.
Memory requirements may vary based on other Web applications running, the number of total and concurrent users accessing the SYNCHRON SFA Application Server applications, and the amount of content users access.
SYNCHRON CRM Application Server Tier
Supported platforms
Microsoft Windows
Sun Solaris for SPARC
Database compatibility
Please contact your SYNCHRON CRM representative for additional details about technical requirement