Sales Force Automation


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SYNCHRON SFA helps companies improve the building of relationships with key physicians. With SYNCHRON SFA, pharmaceutical reps can better coordinate, communicate and leverage relationships, enabling companies to disseminate new product information and clinical trial results to the medical and life sciences community through trusted sources.

As its name implies, a sales force automation (SFA) system provides an array of capabilities to streamline all phases of the sales process, minimizing the time that reps need to spend on manual data entry and administration. This allows them to successfully pursue more customers in a shorter amount of time than would otherwise be possible.  

Proper Territory Management is a core pillar in sales force success ;where organizing visits results in high impact communication ,save time resources , raise Reps effectiveness & Boost revenues.

SYNCHRON SFA helps sales force to plan monthly activities with a holistic vision by Drag & Drop style .Also it helps them to put contingency plans in case of unplanned situations. 

Normal paper reporting ,had become an obsolete & routine working for pharmaceutical companies ;where it is considered as some type of signature for visits.

It doesn’t contain any capability to analyze, save or retrieved the reports except under high effort & under existence of wide archiving areas & manual sorting.

SYNCHRON SFA upgrades the manual reporting system with an automated one ;where every single contact ,visit ,comment or service reached any customer can be pulled on the spot .Past history ,Future plans & day to day activities are recorded such that it can be revised by the Med Rep or his management for tracking ,updating & assessment. 

Assessing each member of the Sales force had been entitled with subjective measurements rather than objective ones; and this was a result of undefined performance measurement and qualitative weighting.

In the last decade; different measures had been clearly defined in assessment; like Coverage percent, call rate measures & others.

Quantifying what is qualitative had been a real challenge for fair assessment & objective.

SYNCHRON SFA was highly involved & concentrated in that part ;to gather activities & analyze them from different perspectives so that managers can have a crystal clear vision of every step of his subordinates ;whereas he will have a solid analysis findings for objective measurement.  

“ If you fail to plan ,then you are planning to fail ” ,as much as your plan is clear & defined it will cause you to much chaos in your work ,especially when you are dealing in a Customer-Centric model.

Not just planning is needed as regard to the former proverb ,but a strategically-based ,objective-directed & flexible one is what is needed nowadays ;especially in the crowded pharmaceutical market & the bombardments of Marketing messages reaching the physicians.

SYNCHRON SFA is having a very special feature of planning & task management calendar; where monthly & daily plans is prepared with an advanced Drag-and-Drop style giving the ability in instant arrangements & corrections, whereas flexibility in updating the plan & managing contingencies can be easily done.  

Profiling & segmenting customers is a core essential step in any Customer Relationship Management plan or even in a basic marketing plan ;where customer is considered the core of the modern business model.

Planning for an unknown is considered a disaster in any business approaches ;where the competition between companies nowadays is a competition in knowledge.

SYNCHRON SFA is solving these problems by ahigh sorting & data profiling capabilities; where an integrated data of each customer is clearly managed & easily pulled according to the need of the Sales force & Management as well.  

Investing in a business is useless without a clear ROI (Return on Investment) calculations .With SYNCHRON SFA you can calculate the total amount of investment poured for certain customer, Sales rep, Area manager or Territory and comparing this totals with the outcomes from sales reports.

This is how SYNCHRON SFA can estimate & measure your investments & know exactly if they were on the right direction or deviated;so that any resource reallocation & corrective actions can be easily managed.

Activity Management organizes historical transactions & manages customer-specific task with resource assignments, delegated responsibilities, reminder notifications and due dates.

By using SYNCHRON SFA; Activities of the sales force can be clearly defined, planned & assessed; to ensure that commitments and good time management is being applied to each Customer.

Any Sales activity concerning the physicians as Clinic Visits, Group meetings or any direct communication is managed & analyzed for tracking & decision making.

Most of Med Reps see Samples as a low cost tool of promotion, thereby random and haphazard sample distribution is done & due to lack of sample tracking a lot of company resources is lost or allocate in an incorrect manner.

SYNCHRON SFA helps the Sales force & there management to track samples distribution among customers; where a good analysis and results appear concerning samples and its impact comparing with real customer need.

Different strategies & actions can be taken concerning this aspect where samples can be redistributed according to territories, accounts or physicians.  

One of the most crucial decisions taken by a marketer after putting his strategies & tactics is the promotional tools decisions; which is needed in implementing his tactics. Customization each service for each target segment of customers had become a core part of any CRM strategy; where customer need is the decider not the company point of view.

SYNCHRON SFA can assist management for analyzing services given for each target customer, account or territory; so that measuring the amount of services poured & further decisions for tools management can be amended. 

Benefits to User Groups

Advantages to the sales manager

1.Empowered sales managers: Allow sales managers to carefully track their sales force’s activities. By identifying areas of weakness, lost opportunities and undeserved territories, managers can better coach and bolster individual sales performance.
2.The sales manager, rather than gathering all the call sheets from various sales people and tabulating the results, will have the results automatically presented in easy to understand tables, charts, or graphs. This saves time for the manager.
3. Activity reports, information requests, orders booked, and other sales information will be sent to the sales manager more frequently, allowing him/her to respond more directly with advice, product in-stock verifications, and price discount authorizations. This gives management more hands-on control of the sales process if they wish to use it.
4.The sales manager can configure the system so as to automatically analyze the information using sophisticated statistical techniques, and present the results in a user-friendly way.
5.Provides management with current information, information that they will be able to use while it is still valuable. Management response time will be greatly reduced. The company will become more alert and more agile

Advantages to the Medical Rep. 

1.Strengthened field sales: By ensuring anywhere, anytime access to data, including client account information, inventory availability and delivery schedules, road warriors are better equipped to respond to customers’ questions, concerns and special requests.
2.Representatives can easily record and access information on their clients and use this data within SYNCHRON SFA to successfully plan and carry out their daily activities.
3.Using SYNCHRON SFA, representatives can view their own sales, market and activity data in real time and where necessary adjust their actions accordingly.
4.The representatives, using SYNCHRON SFA, are able to gain insights into the clients from the information gathered from other members of the organization.
5.Understand your customers better & create a centralized, customizable view of your customer’s preferences, relationships, and activity history to better understand and meet their needs. 6.Improve sales qualification & Establish consistent follow-up processes and automate sales activities with powerful system workflow.
7.Shorten the sales cycle and improve win rates with communications and opportunity management, sales process management, and competitor tracking.
8.Productivity will increase. Sales staff will use their time more efficiently and more effectively.

Advantages to the District manager

1.Helps District Managers to effectively manage and coach their Sales Reps
2.Use flexible reporting to forecast sales, measure business activity and performance, track sales and service success, and identify trends, problems, and opportunities.
3.Improve collaboration: SYNCHRON SFA allows sales teams, managers and other departments to easily swap up-to-date sales information, from price lists to products specifications 4.Easily identify areas that need improvement
5.Pre-built drill downs to detailed reports and CRM screens
6.Pre built dashboards focusing on key performance indicators for their Sales Reps territories
7.Action Plan and Objective Management
8.Increases visibility into sales rep performance and effectiveness
9.Improves Sales rep coaching and follow up action planning

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Reports & Analysis

The SYNCHRON CRM Query Tool is a simple and intuitive aid which allows users to quickly and easily create their own queries and simple reports. A point-and-click browser-based interface allows non-technical users to retrieve, format and display their own customized reports without outside technical assistance.

Digital Dashboard

The SYNCHRON SFA Digital Dashboard extends the Decision Support suite to include a centralized, visual and provides an at-a-glance view of the current operational state of the organization. The Dashboard presents instinctive displays of the most important organizational information arranged on a single page so the information can be monitored at a glance and immediately inquired upon. 

The Digital Dashboard intelligently gathers, processes and presents meaningful information in user-defined views in order to cut through the clutter, provide instant visibility to key performance indicators (KPIs) and leverage color coding and intuitive visual indicators such as charts, tables or images which are instantly understandable.

Data security

One of the primary functions of CRM software is to collect information about customers. When gathering data as part of a CRM solution, a company must consider the desire for customer privacy and data security, as well as the legislative and cultural norms. 

SYNCHRON CRM assurances that archived data will not be shared with Any third parties without their prior consent and that safeguards are in place to prevent illegal access by third parties.

SYNCHRON CRM is a safe data sorting software; where safety & confidentiality of data is highly preserved from any hacking or even from being abused by any user except for his permitted features. Financial records & high management reports is completely preserved under a high technology of security in the IT industry.


System Requirements
SYNCHRON SFA is an open, Java-compliant solution with components installed on clients, a middle tier and an application server tier.
Client applications
Supported platforms
Windows 2000, Service Pack 3 or later
Windows XP, Service Pack 2 or later
Windows Vista
Required products
Internet Explorer
Hardware and memory requirements
Intel or compatible processor
The minimum memory recommended for the application is 2GB.
Memory requirements may vary based on other Web applications running, the number of total and concurrent users accessing the SYNCHRON SFA Application Server applications, and the amount of content users access.
SYNCHRON CRM Application Server Tier
Supported platforms
Microsoft Windows
Sun Solaris for SPARC
Database compatibility
Please contact your SYNCHRON CRM representative for additional details about technical requirement