Synchron alliance benefits


SYNCHRON knows that knowledge of our technology and solutions is a key component to success for our partners and resellers. SYNCHRON has created training initiatives for SYNCHRON Alliance members to learn the latest technology and solutions SYNCHRON offers.
There are a variety of partner training initiatives including expanded global offerings, new training paths and a fast-track program designed to get partners up and running after just five days of in-class or online training. SYNCHRON® Alliance Program Guide

Alliance Logo

Members may use the SYNCHRON Alliance member logo developed for the program level to which they belong. Terms controlling the use of the logo are outlined in the SYNCHRON Alliance Local Country Agreement.

Public Relations/Marketing Communications

SYNCHRON and SYNCHRON Alliance members will work together to develop publicity and marketing communication plans that may include press releases and joint user success stories both in SYNCHRON and partner magazines, brochures and in the external press as well as more strategic communications projects as appropriate.
SYNCHRON Alliance members should make their best efforts to position SYNCHRON and SYNCHRON software in relevant activities associated with being a member of the SYNCHRON Alliance. SYNCHRON reserves the right to prioritize these activities.

Teaming Agreements

Teaming agreements are designed to actively motivate and encourage SYNCHRON Alliance members to promote SYNCHRON software and to assist in the closure of new sales opportunities.
Please contact your designated SYNCHRON Alliance manager, visit with questions about establishing a SYNCHRON Teaming Agreement.


As an expansion of the SYNCHRON Alliance relationship, members who have demonstrated a particular expertise in the use of SYNCHRON software and/or SYNCHRON solutions may be asked to serve as SYNCHRON subcontractors.
If SYNCHRON Alliance members are interested in a subcontracting opportunity, they can complete a SYNCHRON consulting agreement. While the alliance relationship may provide SYNCHRON with the opportunity to consider a SYNCHRON Alliance member for subcontracting work, subcontracting is neither required nor implied by the alliance agreement.
SYNCHRON Alliance members interested in learning more about becoming a SYNCHRON subcontractor should e-mail or contact their SYNCHRON Alliance managers.

Alliance Local Country Agreement

The SYNCHRON Alliance Local Country Agreement is the document governing the overall cooperative business relationship between SYNCHRON and an alliance member.
The agreement outlines the general requirements and benefits of being an alliance member. Terms controlling management of the relationship, software usage and fees, marketing activities, publicity and logo use, as well as other pertinent aspects of the SYNCHRON and partner arrangement, are found in this agreement.