Tracker CRM


CRM is a business strategy that elevates the customer beyond a name in an electronic database. More than just a software package, it involves people across virtually every area of a company in a process that captures data and applies it to strengthen customer relationships, improve communication, identify and act on selling opportunities, save money enhance customer loyalty and increase profitability.

Many of the benefits of creating and operating a customer loyalty programme, or implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system, come from the collection, analysis, and use of data. The most data we can practically use are customer demographics, preferences, lifestyle and life stage, transaction history, returns, and even customer service event history.


Primary Product Features (Server):

        Item Manager ( add / delete items )   

        System Manager        

        Reporting System

        Syncronization History

Primary Product Features(Workstation):

        Item Manager ( add / delete items )        

        System Manager

        Reporting System

        Synchronization System ( Manual / Automatic )

Benefits to User Groups

Developing stronger bonds with the customer & increasing customer advocacy.
Tracking customers and ensure their motivation.
Assessment for the customer behavior during & after the program.
Starting the series of Buzz & Word-of-mouth marketing.
Data base can be used later in loyalty programs or PR campaigns.


There are 3 types of reports:

Customer reports
Item Reports.
Workstation Report.

Data security

One of the primary functions of CRM software is to collect information about customers. When gathering data as part of a CRM solution, a company must consider the desire for customer privacy and data security, as well as the legislative and cultural norms. 

SYNCHRON CRM assurances that archived data will not be shared with Any third parties without their prior consent and that safeguards are in place to prevent illegal access by third parties.

SYNCHRON CRM is a safe data sorting software; where safety & confidentiality of data is highly preserved from any hacking or even from being abused by any user except for his permitted features. Financial records & high management reports is completely preserved under a high technology of security in the IT industry.


System Requirements
SYNCHRON SFA is an open, Java-compliant solution with components installed on clients, a middle tier and an application server tier.
Client applications
Supported platforms
Windows 2000, Service Pack 3 or later
Windows XP, Service Pack 2 or later
Windows Vista
Required products
Internet Explorer
Hardware and memory requirements
Intel or compatible processor
The minimum memory recommended for the application is 2GB.
Memory requirements may vary based on other Web applications running, the number of total and concurrent users accessing the SYNCHRON SFA Application Server applications, and the amount of content users access.
SYNCHRON CRM Application Server Tier
Supported platforms
Microsoft Windows
Sun Solaris for SPARC
Database compatibility
Please contact your SYNCHRON CRM representative for additional details about technical requirement