Virtual Illustrative Detailing


Communications Technologies that accelerate business come to be first in our priorities in this hyper dynamic market.

SYNCHRON provides a suite of software platforms and services to produce deliver and manage interactive VID application across a wide range of usages. VID Application as an electronic detailing system can provide pharmaceutical companies with an elegant and cost-effective means of supplementing product details traditionally carried out by pharmaceutical Med. Reps.


Our digital brouchre (powered by virtual paper ) is the closest thing to paper you can get without actually holding and touching paper.

We have been able to copy the movement of paper and the way it bends when you pull at the pages.

We don't restrict you to pulling one corner You can pull anywhere along the pages edge to bend the pages.

To enhance the user experience we have also added the page turning sound. You can now hear the paper rustle as you lift the corners.

Because of the software used to produce our digital brouchre you have a wide range of distribution channels. This media can be distributed quickly and easily via email, via a link on a website , via CDRom, via memory stick or any other digital channels.

There literally are no limits with our digital brochure. With each project we are continuing to develop new and exciting functionality. Some examples of what we can do include: 

• Different shapes

• Different folds

• Zoom in function - totally interactive

• Voice overs • Video Adverts

• Interactive floor plans

• Dynamic text

• Content managed pages

• Animation


Each brochure is designed to awaken & stir your customer rather than presenting a generic boring presentation.

Focuses on highlighting the most important features of your product, giving your customer an incredible first impression.

Customers can interact with digital brochures. We can provide them with the information they want, challenge them, ask questions, and provide them with guidance.

Accessibility to digital is not down to print runs and brochures distribution. Having digital versions of your brochures makes them accessible and not restricted to those people that have Gained access to the paper version.

Distribute by email, via your website, CD Rom, Memory Stick, or digital TV. All options are now available.

The cost benefits of Doing so are substantial when compared to traditional print routes

Electronic detailing grew directly out of the need to find additional ways to communicate product information to busy prescribers.